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Wearing masks when alone in car mandatory in Delhi: Order triggers meme fest

While there are several scientific reports proving the benefits of wearing a face mask, the Delhi High Court’s recent judgement, upholding the Delhi government’s decision to make masks mandatory for those travelling alone in cars, has triggered a meme fest online.

The decision comes after four petitions were filed by lawyers last year, challenging the Rs 500 fine for not wearing face masks while commuting alone in a private vehicle.

Backing the Delhi government’s decision, Justice Prathiba M Singh said, “A vehicle even if occupied by one person would constitute a public place and wearing a mask therein would be compulsory. The wearing of a mask or a face cover in a vehicle, which may be occupied by either a single person or multiple persons, is thus held to be compulsory.”

The decision seems to have prompted mixed reactions among netizens. While some are amused, others are trying to figure out how wearing a mask in a private vehicle would make a difference. Interestingly, many also came up with hilarious memes for the same. Here, take a look:

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