USA Crosses 150 Million Vaccination Mark

USA crosses 150 million vaccination mark

USA crosses 150 million vaccination mark

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday visited a Covid-19 vaccination centre just before his remarks announcing that every adult in America will be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine by mid-April.

He spoke to workers seated at a white table where people get themselves checked in for their Covid-19 shot. He asked roughly how many people a day come through, to which an official said about 300 people a day.

“We are the first country to administer 150 million shots and fully vaccinate 62 million people. More than 75% of people over 65 years of age have gotten the shots. Up from 8% when we took office. That’s a dramatic turnaround and critical as seniors account for 80% of all Covid deaths,” he said.

Hopefully we are going to get, good enough, pretty soon, where we have enough that we can give the rest of the world. Because it is something that’s not just .. we can solve it here in America. We don’t solve it around the world, you can’t build a wall or a fence high enough to keep the virus out,” he added.

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