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UK Muslims: how will you be observing Ramadan during the pandemic? | Ramadan

This year Ramadan will begin on 12-13 April in the UK, with Muslim communities expecting the experience to be different, despite some restrictions being relaxed since the start of the pandemic last year.

Though mosques are open for communal worship, taraweeh (additional prayers during Ramadan), iftar (the meal served at the end of the day to break the fast) and itikaf (spending a few days inside a mosque) will not be able to take place as normal with groups of friends and family still unable to meet together indoors.

We’d like to hear from Muslims in the UK about how they are observing Ramadan during the lockdown.

Share your experiences

Are you taking part in online community iftar or prayer meets? How are you keeping in touch with your extended family and community? Have you taken part in any virtual initiatives?

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