Norway To Send $2.4 Million Covid Relief Aid To India

Norway to send $2.4 Million Covid relief aid to India

Norway to send $2.4 Million Covid relief aid to India

The Norwegian government announced a contribution of 20 million Norwegian Kroners ($2.4 million) to be channelled through the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). 

The support will be used to scale up ambulance and blood donation services and medical helplines, buy equipment such as oxygen tanks for ambulances and procure hygiene products to migrant workers and other vulnerable groups. 

“First of all, we send our deepest sympathies and support to all our Indian friends. Norway is making a contribution to the efforts of the Indian government and its people through funds via the WHO and the Indian Red Cross Society,” Norwegian Ambassador to India Hans Jacob Frydenlund said.

Many European countries as well have stepped forward to stand in solidarity with India in its fight against the COVID-19 health emergency.  As the situation spiralled due to cases adding up in lakhs every single day, the European Union activated its Civil Protection Mechanism, saying that it was coordinating with member states to ship oxygen and medicine to India. Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen earlier said she was “alarmed by the epidemiological situation in India. We are ready to support. The EU is pooling resources to respond rapidly to India’s request for assistance,” she added

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