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My business expanded rapidly and we moved out of our office 6 months early into a larger office space. The LL’s realtor/property manager agreed to our early termination agreement (via email): 1 month notice and I pay a 3-month penalty. So for the remaining 5 months, I was to pay 3 of them. I signed it and sent it over 2 months ago, it’s been a month since I’ve moved out. The LL has not returned the executed copy to me.

The agent is saying that the LL has simply not gotten around to signing yet, but hasn’t said anything beyond that.

Fwiw, I knew I had to move whether or not he agreed to the deal, so I’m aware in theory I should have waited until we had an executed contract.

Anywho, when I expressed my concern, the realtor said this during his last email a few weeks ago
” this SNAFU is all on our end.  No, you are not responsible for April rent or late fees. The deal has been approved by the owner and it is just a matter of getting ink on paper. “

I have yet to pay the early termination fee as we haven’t signed yet, but I’m still getting notifications on their payment portal regarding my rent. I’m stuck in a really weird limbo and despite the fact he says I’m in the clear, I still feel unsettled. Is this email binding? Should I just go ahead and send in the 3 month penalty and say “Ok, I consider this contract to be executed”.

Why would the LL be dragging his feet on this, is there an incentive that I’m missing?

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