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Coronavirus live news: India reports record new infections, deaths; world nears 150m cases

Nearly 1 in 50 people worldwide have had Covid; third of Mexicans show exposure to coronavirus; Cambodia reports national record new cases

9.02am BST

British prime minister Boris Johnson is currently mired in a series of rows over party donations, Covid-related contracts and the question of who paid for the refurbishment of the flat in the prime minister’s official residence. There’s another strand adding to his woes this morning.

Overnight Amy-Clare Martin and Pippa Crerar at the Mirror reported that Johnson made a private visit to the UK’s National Covid Memorial Wall – ignoring a long-standing invitation for him to meet grieving families there in person.

Matt Fowler, co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice: “For weeks we’ve asked him to come to the wall and meet bereaved families. He’s refused to even acknowledge our request…

“Then, the day after it’s revealed he said he’d let “bodies pile high” he makes a late evening visit under cover of darkness..This is a cynical and insincere move that is deeply hurtful. Our invitation for him to walk the wall with families who’ve lost loved ones is still open.”

8.48am BST

Molly Blackall has collated for us some of the many responses we are getting from readers in India about the Covid crisis there:

“It’s like we are in the middle of the apocalypse,” says 40-year-old Pia Desai, who lives in New Delhi, at the centre of the coronavirus crisis that has brought India’s healthcare system to its knees.

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