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CoEP StartUp’s orthopedic plaster granted Indian patent

Pune-based StartUp MediAsha, working on developing orthopedic plaster, incubated at College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) has been granted an Indian patent on April 30.

The plaster brand FractoAid provides early and instant immobilization to the fractured limb and prevents further chances of worsening the injury.

The makers have claimed that the plaster best suits and can be handy in first-aid kits facilitated at sports academies, healthcare centres, schools and colleges, paramedics, emergency service, adventure sports groups, sports training centres, public transport and disaster management kits.

Mayur Sanas, a research associate in Biomedical Engineering and Technology Incubation Centre (BETiC) at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Management, CoEP, along with BB Ahuja, director, CoEP, Arati Mulay and orthopedic surgeon Dr Ashish Ranade worked on developing ‘Orthopedic Hybrid Plaster Splint’, now known as FractoAid.

The project was among the three select projects to receive the BIG grant given by BIRAC of the Department of Biotechnology.

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