2 Dead And 16 Injured In A Stabbing Incident At Kindergarten

China - 2 dead and 16 injured in a stabbing incident at kindergarten

China – 2 dead and 16 injured in a stabbing incident at kindergarten

Two children have died and 16 other people have been wounded after a man entered a kindergarten. A knife-wielding man broke into a school in southern China on Wednesday and killing two children and wounding 16 others, according to local authorities.

A man with the last name of Zeng, 24, began the attack at the private Jianle kindergarten in Xinfeng, a town of 50,000 in Beiliu City in the southern province of Guangxi. Both teachers and students appeared to have been targeted during nap time, according to local media reports.

China has faced a spate of knife attacks on schools over the years. Those found to have carried out the attacks have usually been people living with mental illness, or seeking revenge against officials or individuals known to them.

Last June, a school security guard stabbed 39 children and staff at a kindergarten in the same province of Guangxi. And in December, on the other end of the country in Kaiyuan, Liaoning Province, an attacker randomly targeted pedestrians outside of a school, killing seven and injuring seven more. The school happened to be closed that day.

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